About us

Le Barón is an idyllic hideaway where explorers, couples, families and wellness-seekers can settle and enjoy an outstanding authentic surrounding.


Our small family-run boutique hotel is located in a historic mansion that was built in 1889, in the small village of Ganesti, in a picturesque valley in the heart of Transylvania. 


Our grounds have been repurposed many times by its different owners throughout history, serving as a home for Armenian nobility as well as being used as a state farm throughout the communist times in Romania.


Our family (Erich and Wilhelm Jikeli) acquired this land and mansion with a big vision: We wanted to preserve the local Transylvanian culture and show to the rest of the world what Transylvania has to offer.


With that in mind, we set out on a mission to re-establish traditional ways of cultivating and preparing local foods.  We started producing our own wine, planting fruit trees and cultivating vegetables and herbs that we use today in our restaurant kitchen to prepare local delicacies. We built a solid network of local farmers such as cheese or honey farmers that supply us frequently with the freshest, handcrafted produce. We host events on our grounds to give local artisans a stage to present their handicrafts and share a piece of Transylvanian culture.


After using the mansion as a private family home for years, we renovated extensively and opened Boutique Hotel Le Baron in 2014, continuing to follow our mission to show our guests the unique beauty of hidden Transylvania.


Today we are happy to have created a retreat, surrounded by beautiful nature, where our guests can relax and disconnect while getting to experience the most authentic Transylvania.


We are excited to welcome you at Boutique Hotel Le Baron and create an unforgettable experience for you - exploring the beautiful nature that surrounds us, enjoying traditional delicacies, pampering yourself with our wellness options whilst getting away from it all!