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Le Barón is an idyllic hideaway where explorers, couples, families and wellness-seekers can settle and enjoy an outstanding authentic surrounding.

12 activities available

Truffle Hunting

The ancient forests of Transylvania are home to many kinds of hidden treasures, such as the black truffle, known as the "black diamond of Transylvania." There are different kinds of truffles growing underneath the forestal grounds throughout the year. From April to August you can find black summer truffles (tuber aestivum), and in the coldest months of the year, winter truffles (tuber brumale).

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting depends on the number of participants: with 4 wines 120-150 RON/person with 5 wines 150-170 RON/person

Horse Carriage Ride

2 hours RON 150/tour/person 3 hours RON 200/tour/person Optional could be made a romantic walk with champagne and picnic in the carriage with local products 300 /tour/person


The price is for two hours.

Hot Tub

The price is per person for two hours.


The price is for 2 hours per person

Bike rental

The price is per day and per person

Body Massage

The duration of the massage is 45 minutes.

Neck- & Shoulder Massage

The duration of the massage is 30 minutes.

Full Body Relax Massage

The duration of the massage is 45 minutes