transylvanian truffle hunting experience

Transylvania in particular and Romania in general became known within the past decade for its hidden culinary treasures. One of them is the “black diamond” known as the black truffle which mesmerized food connoisseurs around the world.

It was disclosed to the culinary world that the Romanian truffle has the same quality with the one found in Italy and France. The truffles found in Romania are: the summer truffles, hunted from May through August and the winter truffles hunted between September and December12


Summer truffle



Winter Truffle

Truffle Hunting offers a unique experience to its participants, as it is an activity full of mystery. Should you choose to spend some of your vacation time this way, you will for sure enjoy it. Seeing the connection between the hunting dogs, hunter, truffles and nature has to be seen in person in order to appreciate its true value. This activity culminates with a savory dinner, having the truffle as the star of the evening.

Jacob is our truffle hunter, an Armenian who fell in love in Romania and considers it his home since 2005.

Our team is looking forward to have you as guests and let you be part in this unique experience.

Prices upon request.